Low Libido: A Touchy Subject

Decreased or low libido in men is a more common occurrence than you may think, medicines and natural cures can be explored

It’s a very touchy subject among both men and women, but particularly men: low libido. Also known as a low sex drive, low libido has a variety of causes but also a large assortment of treatment options. This article will offer an introduction to the very sobering concept of low libido while also outlining potential treatments, cures, and coping mechanisms.

What exactly is low libido

A simple question with a touchy and involved answer. In short, libido is a blanket term for a person’s urge for sexual activity, whether it be through masturbation, sexual intercourse, or other means. The symptoms are painfully obvious: people with low libido do not desire sexual activity with their partners, leading to dead bedrooms and broken love; if they do desire more sex, their bodies won’t respond to their mind’s wishes (e.g. lack of erections or attraction to women). It can be caused by hormonal imbalances, obesity, medication side effects, stress, or even something as simple as an obsession with work or hobbies. A lot of these roots can be traced to one problem: low testosterone, or indulging in habits that correspond with low testosterone.

Low Testosterone Levels

Why is low libido a problem in humans

Humans are social and intimate creatures: we have a tendency to bond with our fellow humans through friendships, partnerships, family, and romantic relationships. The last type of bond mentioned, romantic relationships, forms the foundation for our family structures and for creating offspring: we fall in love with a mate through emotional and physical attraction. This is followed by sexual activity, which releases chemicals in our brains, such as oxytocin, which strengthen our bonds and help prevent negative feelings of loneliness and insecurity. For people with a normal or heightened libido, a lack of sexual activity will cause their hormone and oxytocin levels to plummet, leading to the negative feelings mentioned above. In short, people with high libido can experience a sort of “sexual withdrawal” when they are partnered with someone who doesn’t need sex as much.

While a man with low libido might not experience these negative effects, their partner almost certainly will – especially if the relationship had been sexually active at the start. If a partner has a low libido, there will almost certainly be some sort of friction – unless the partner has low libido as well.

Does Libido decrease over time

It can, especially if a man becomes more stressed and less active as he ages. As testosterone levels decrease with aging, so does the likelihood of developing low libido: after all, testosterone is a major fuel for the mental engine that drives our desire to reproduce. However, men can still enjoy sex well into old age if they keep their testosterone levels elevated through regular exercise, a healthy diet, high self confidence, and other methods mentioned below.

How can we treat low libido

The most primitive solution for a man with low libido would be to either stay single or forge a relationship with someone with an equally low desire for sex. However, this might not be the most practical solution, as it will limit the man’s options and also prevent him from experiencing wonderful forms of pleasure (and all the other benefits that releases of oxytocin and high testosterone can provide, such as positive emotional states and a feeling of companionship with a mate). 4 in 10 people have low testosterone levels, and it’s almost a guarantee that not all of them are content with a low sex drive. After all, a healthy sex life has no major drawbacks – as long as safe sex is practiced and sexual activity doesn’t become addictive. After all, why cope with a problem when we can solve it?

A more proactive option

So what would a more proactive option be? It’s simple: elevate testosterone levels by eliminating the problems that are causing low libido to begin with. To feel like a sexually vital man, we must embrace our masculinity and eliminate the problems in our lives. Losing weight, exercising more, improving diet and sleep habits, improving self confidence, changing prescription medications, and eliminating stress levels can all help raise testosterone levels, which will help boost sex drive. In some cases, a more aggressive approach will be needed, such as sex therapy and counseling. Even still, this might not get to the heart of the matter, which is often a sheer lack of testosterone-producing ability. In such cases, hormone replacement and supplements may be required. If the issue is a lack of a strong erection, men can turn to pills such as Cialis.

Supplements and therapy

How do we build testosterone in such severe cases? We have to turn to natural supplements to help our testosterone and sex drive, or even indulge in testosterone replacement therapy itself. These forms of treatment and also Kamagra from edonlinestore.net have been successful and would be worth researching for anyone in Australia who wants to feel more like a powerful, sexual being. In conclusion, men with low libido should seriously consider raising their testosterone levels through lifestyle changes, or, as a last resort, supplements, hormone therapy, and counseling.

Dr. Dylan Cook

Dr. Cook lived in numerous cities growing up and finished his medicinal school at the University of Minnesota, following that up with a residency in Idaho, before returning to his preferred state Colorado. Dylan Cook, MD, is a Board Guaranteed Family Prescription Doctor with more than 20 years of clinical experience.

12 thoughts on “Low Libido: A Touchy Subject

  1. Having low libido is no joke, you can tell that your emotions are being suppressed and its a terribly dull feeling that has driven a wedge between my partner and I.

  2. It is commonly assumed that males are all easily aroused, but as I got older, I found that I was not interested in sexual activity with women that I did not have a loving relationship with. I thought something was wrong, but I found out that it is certainly normal to feel more of a spark with someone who is intimately interested in you.

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with low libido in men. We generally take the desire to have sex for granted, especially among men. However, there is a large and healthy segment of the population (men included) that does not experience sexual attraction or “sex drive” strongly, if at all.

  4. My relationship has suffered a lot from erectile dysfunction. I know there are drugs out there, but those are expensive and my insurance can’t keep up.

  5. For the last 10 years I have had to deal with erectile dysfunction. Mainly the cause has been multiple medications I have to take now. I believe that it is mainly antidepressants are the main cause. Plus I am under a lot of stress and I am also 50 years I have tried Cialis and that has no effect, but Viagra works well for me.

  6. My erectile dysfunction was an embarrassing result of the stress I was having at work. I was at risk of losing the job I was working at for over ten years. The erectile dysfunction began to have a negative effect on my marriage as my wife thought that it was due to me not being attracted to her anymore.

  7. The first time I experience erectile dysfunction, it was a bit of a blow. Fortunately my wife is pretty understanding, but I feel bad when she puts on a show for me and I can’t do anything.

  8. The amount of times I have disappointed women is astounding. I am surprised I still have the confidence to approach a woman, let alone try to get her into bed. Sometimes men too, but that’s a different story. I’ve tried viagra, in fact used 4 in one session and it did nothing. All it did was put me in the hospital.

  9. There are times when I have had low sex drive but it’s not usual for me. Often for me it is because of poor health in general and just being tired. Another big thing is being attracted to the person. Some women simply do not turn me on while others do. Another big factor is age. The older I get the less drive I have and the less frequently.But I am okay with it, it’s just how it is now.

  10. My male cousin had it and he did not marry until he was in his late fifties. He always said that he wanted to marry but he just didnt feel any sexual attraction and was scared he would end up divorced. His wife tells him she adores him and she married him for love, not sex.

  11. Some of the reasons that a man may have a low libido include, low testosterone, side effects from medication, lack of exercise, or hereditary issues. Either way, it is possible to increase a low libido with the aid of modern day medicine, or simply changing your lifestyle.

  12. My boyfriend is fairly young, only 31, but he has had a low sex drive for a while now. I know he was very sexually active when he was younger as well as the first year of our relationship but his sex drive has completely gone away. He gets kidney stones a lot and he suffers from severe anxiety and borderline depression so I’m thinking this can have something to do with it. He also has performance anxiety. The doctors have said he his physically okay so his low libido must be all mental. I don’t know what to do or how to help. Sometimes I think it’s my fault.

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