Killers of Sex Drive and How To Combat Them: Causes of low libido and how to boost it!

Common Causes Of Male Sexual Problems

A low libido in men is when a a group of males have a low desire to have sex. Essentially you’re listening to Nirvana and hear “Smells like Teen Spirit” lyric “A mosquito, my libido” and then it dawns on you that you have not had a desire to have sex since you were 13 years old. You can increase your libido by looking at pornography of people who are sexually attractive, think of sexual thoughts, listen to music, compose your own music for the increase of sexual desire. Symptoms of low libido is little or no desire to have sex, you’re 20 years old and you feel like you are a below average 80-year-old, your sex drive is reaching its end and you’re ready to transcend. What age does a man lose his libido? Men do not just lose their libido at a specific age, and yet, it is less likely to happen if you lead a healthy balanced life.

Libido loss occurs if your body is not producing enough of specific chemicals that make you want to have sex. Yes, an 80-year old man can still be sexually active and reproduce. A man’s libido drops, you have little or no desire to masturbate, have sex, you might get an erection, and yet, you do not really enjoy it very much. If a libido is maintained you can have a strong libido for as long as you live, yet, reasonably libido will decline in your late 70’s and 80’s and this is because most people pass away during these ages so there really is not any need to have that much libido.

Sometimes libido is lost due to an underlying condition, so since they are old things are going awry and if this is the case when they are young, things are going awry. A list of foods that can make you feel horny to increase your libido are chocolate, avocado, asparagus, ginger, oysters, maca powder, etc.  Losing your libido is all about hormonal balance. On average, men have a higher desire for sex than women so if the woman is more likely to not want to have sex as much as the man is. Stress, lack of sleep, weight gain, and depression can all cause anyone to have an increase in their libido meaning they do not have as much desire to engage in sexual activity with anyone. People who might have had bad experiences in relationships and are undesirable may experience low libido. When they have become aware of the fact that they are not as desired or wanted, they have a great libido drop and stop wanting to have sex due to their unfortunate circumstances. Men who are not as attractive in general also may experience low libido more quickly than men who are. 

A low libido is serious and nothing to play about, try exercising, eating certain foods, sleeping at certain times, talking to certain people, listening to music, getting back into your teen spirit, working out, being mature, watching sexually mature movies and garnering a sexually mature train of thought, be rebellious in spirit and heart, you might start to find that many things that you used to do when you were younger subtly kept your libido high and strong.

Dr. Dylan Cook

Dr. Cook lived in numerous cities growing up and finished his medicinal school at the University of Minnesota, following that up with a residency in Idaho, before returning to his preferred state Colorado. Dylan Cook, MD, is a Board Guaranteed Family Prescription Doctor with more than 20 years of clinical experience.

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