Low Libido in Men- Symptoms of Low Testosterone that May be Affecting You

Trouble Having Sex

Men are commonly associated with having a fairly high sex drive. However, close to 20% of males experience low sex drives and do not feel as inclined or have a desire for sexual activity. Low libido refers to the inability for males to have an erection that holds or is firm enough to perform sexual intercourse, but mainly refers to the decrease in levels of sex drive that negatively effects one’s sexual activity. There are many factors of an individual that may contribute to low libido including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and also any medications that may be prescribed or taken by that individual. There are physical and psychological factors that may result in low libido for certain males. Likewise, individual behaviors can play a role in this situation as well. A lack of or even too much exercise can influence the sex drive of males. Additionally, alcohol consumption and drug usage can explain low libido in males. There are medications that can be prescribed by medical professionals to help treat this problem. However, improvements in lifestyle choices and decisions and even counseling have been proven to treat this condition. If the root cause is mainly psychological, healthcare professionals may recommend a form of therapy or possibly prescribe medication to help treat depression or any other mental health condition that may be present in the individual. There is a key distinction between erectile dysfunction and low libido in males. Many individuals believe that common drugs such as Viagra and Cialis can be used to increase libido; however, these drugs only increase the chances of having an erection and do not necessarily address the issue of sexual desire or problems relating to the mental or physical health of the individual. Research has shown that males experiencing low libido typically have more than one factor that is causing this health condition. Low testosterone is commonly associated with older males but may be present in younger males as well. Between the ages of 30 and 40, male testosterone levels begin to drop. Low libido is typically seen in individuals 40 years or older. This does not mean that an 80-year-old male cannot have sex or be sexual active, but entails that testosterone level has a negative relationship with age. Testosterone replacement therapy is one method to address the issue of low testosterone; however, many doctors acknowledge the possible side effects and health concerns that may arise in the future. As stated above, the medications taken by an individual can lead to low libido. Individuals with chronic or serious illnesses may suffer from low libido due to the stress, mental health, or hormonal interference related to their health condition. The main recommendation for males suffering from low libido is to make healthier lifestyle decisions, thus improving their physical and mental health. This can involve refraining from smoking or chewing tobacco, obtaining adequate hours of sleep, and have consistent exercise throughout the week.

Dr. Dylan Cook

Dr. Cook lived in numerous cities growing up and finished his medicinal school at the University of Minnesota, following that up with a residency in Idaho, before returning to his preferred state Colorado. Dylan Cook, MD, is a Board Guaranteed Family Prescription Doctor with more than 20 years of clinical experience.

10 thoughts on “Low Libido in Men- Symptoms of Low Testosterone that May be Affecting You

  1. I’ve had problems with low libido as a result of my prescription medications. It’s caused a lot of problems in my relationships, but after adjusting my medications, I’ve improved and feel like I can get back to my old life again.

  2. Low libido happens to some men where they do not have enough testosterone. As a result, relationships can suffer without sexual satisfaction.

    A 21 year old male assumed that he was late at having sex.

    Another younger man felt that he didn’t have enough sex drive to be able to pursue it.

    There are physical issues that accompany low libido, such as low testosterone, prescription medicines, not enough or too much exercise, and alcohol and drug use.

    In addition, psychological issues such as depression, stress, and issues in a relationship can happen.

    About four out of ten men over the age of 45 do not have a high level of testosterone.

  3. Sometimes low libido in men can be caused by a combination of factors. Depression often causes sufferers to experience disinterest in things they previously had interest in, and that includes sex and perusing intimate relationships. Treatment for depression often includes medication that can also lower sex drive. Unhealthy habits often contribute or correlate with depression, and that includes unhealthy food choices and not exercising regularly. Both of those can also be contributing factors to the loss of libido. Ultimately you have to look at each person as a whole to try to figure out the combination of factors affecting them.

  4. For some reason, my libido decreases more as I get older. I am a 40-year-old man and I do not have an interest in sex anymore. It has nothing to do with my wife, I am just so tired all the time from work that I can no longer perform sexual acts with frequency. I do not have the energy or the desire to have sex most of the time. When I do have sex, I can’t hold out for as long as I used to when I was a younger man. I used to have sex with my wife multiple times a day, but now we have sex maybe once a week. I’m sure she is getting frustrated with me, but I just can’t do it anymore. It is embarrassing to have low libido because I feel like I am disappointing my wife, which is never a good feeling.

  5. I have struggled with the problem of low libido for quite some time. It started when I was much younger, in my early twenties. I have struggled with depression and anxiety, which was caused by ptsd from childhood abuse. I have also struggled with alcoholism since my early twenties. My doctor told me that these things are what has led to my low libido and I am desperate to conquer these things. My low libido has caused many problems for me. I have lost girlfriends in the past and it almost ruined my marriage. I was never a great communicator, so my wife started to think that I was not attracted to her. She thought that I didn’t think she was sexy and she suspected me of having affairs because I never wanted sex. She assumed that must be getting sex somewhere else. Eventually we went to counseling and I pursued additional therapy for my ptsd. Things have gotten better, but it takes an extreme amount of effort.

  6. Work is always stressing me out. I come home and I don’t want to do anything, especially having sex. I am afraid that my wife will dump me for somebody else.

  7. low libido can be caused by watching too much porn. when you masturbate too much, you start to get desensitized to “vanilla” sex which can therefore lower your libido

  8. Low libido in men is now a masculine menace that needs to be tackled head-on by the entire medical practitioners because when a man is not in the mood to feel sensual with his woman, the marriage or relationship is on the verge of having problem. Real men are said to be in the mood all the time. Without citing any research article, a first hand experience is enough for me to say virtually one out of every 5 men age 40 and above are using sex enhancing drugs like Viagra and some sidenafil citrate containing drug to boost their libido simply to compliment their inactiveness. My doctor friend said both physiological and psychological issues cause low libido in men. Low testosterone, prescription medicine, low or too much of exercise, alcohol and drug use are some of the physical issues while Psychological issues are like depression, anxiety and problems in relationship. A friend of mine isn’t attracted to his wife and he complains of low erection often until he tried extra marital affairs and he was like a super man going for several rounds without his Viagra pills.

  9. We are no longer together now, but previously I was in a relationship for almost 3 years with a man named Dan. One of the contentions in our relationship was his lack of a sex drive and his lack of ambition to find out why his sexual libido was so low. In my theory he had low testosterone, or low-t, because that can cause things like that. Depression, mental health issues, low libido, no sex drive. It all matched but Daniel refused to see a doctor over this and it lead to a lot of problems in our sexual lives and our romantic relationship together.

  10. Low libido can be caused from a myriad of factor. Sometimes it is prescription medicine, diet , lack of adequate nutrition, and sometimes a lack of a trace herbal or other type of supplement. On working on low libido I have come to understand my own personal requirements through extensive research and diet recommendations. Since I have eliminated or reduced certain foods and fast foods out of my diet I have noticed a big difference in my libido. If I sustain these dietary changes I am confident I will experience more and more benefits.

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