What are the important things i need to know before taking Nolvadex?

The Drug Nolvadex and It’s Uses

When you think of the drug Nolvadex, what do you think of? Is it all about the estrogen blocker for women, or something else? Well, in this article we will explore the options. Nolvadex will be one of the medications in Australia that you will be surprised to know about.

Nolvadex For Breast Cancer

Nolvadex online: how to buy in Australia

For Women in General

What this drug does for women is treat cancer of the breast that has already metastasized in the body. Metastasized means that the cancer will have been spread through other parts of the body. So this treatment will be for (basically female) patients that have higher risks and to assist with surgery afterwards and radiation therapy. It will help with the cancer not returning to the other breast or just in general, it is for high risk patients that have a higher chance for it coming back. This gives patients that have been worried about cancer again and again more hope it will stay away for good.

When you you not take this drug?

If you are currently nursing a baby then you won’t be able to take this drug. And if you are taking various other drugs and herbs, it will have very dangerous side effects. These drugs and so forth which are included are Carbamazepine, Rifabutin, Rifampin, Warfarin, Letrozole, Anastrozole, St. John’s wort, Phenobarbital, and Phenytoin. If you are known to get blood clots then it would be detrimental to avoid this drug Nolvadex as well. If you are allergic to Tomoxafen and of course the drug Nolvadez itself in any form then it would not be possible to take the drug. This goes for men as well, aside from breast feeding which men don’t need to worry about for most obvious reasons.

What else to watch out for?

There might be some instances where the drug could lower blood cell counts, for example. That would not be good. Have your doctor monitor you for this. Having regular bloodwork done is a good idea. Lab testing could be compromised if you are taking this medication so it is important that you mention it to the lab technicians and health care practicioners. The drug can also cause chest pain pressure, fever, sore throat, chills, bruising that is odd, and breathing issues. You definetly don’t want to continue to take the drug if you experience any of those symptoms. Possible issues with menstrual bleeding being stopped and cancer otherwise could turn up so be aware of those things as well.

What About Men and It’s Effectiveness

Men can get breast cancer too and that means they are allowed to take it. That is if they also are cleared with the above issues as women acould be as stated above. Men usually take this for coming down from steroids (this is not the same with women body builders as it has to do with testosterone). It can be taken for increased muscle mass.

Dr. Dylan Cook

Dr. Cook lived in numerous cities growing up and finished his medicinal school at the University of Minnesota, following that up with a residency in Idaho, before returning to his preferred state Colorado. Dylan Cook, MD, is a Board Guaranteed Family Prescription Doctor with more than 20 years of clinical experience.

10 thoughts on “What are the important things i need to know before taking Nolvadex?

  1. Diagnosed with breast cancer. I was given Nolvadex I am happy to report i am in remission as of one month ago. thank you Nolvadex for saving my life and letting me to be present for the birth of my first granddaughter.

  2. I took Nolvadex every day for 3 years. It was nice that I could take it with or without food, so there was no pressure to remember to take it with a meal. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to take it at night as I was required to take it at the same time every day. I don’t need those extra late night snack calories, so again, I was glad to not have to take it with a meal. By taking it at night instead of the day I was able to keep my medicines and medical history private from people I interact with during the day.

  3. Nolvadex did not cause me any problems, I practically did not feel any difference.
    Only a drowsiness in the morning that I did not have rest was okay.
    I had a few days that I had some headaches but otherwise everything worked out!

  4. After hearing about Nolvadex through an ad, I finally decided to try it out last week. I used 50mg on a daily basis and have seen significant results since then.

  5. Nolvadex was a watershed in my aunt’s breast cancer treatment. Nowadays, she is cured, but she had adverse reactions to the medicine, such as nausea and anemia.

  6. i was on this medicine for a while and it did not work for me. it gave me a lot of problems and it was not good. i did not like it at all so i tried to switch. im not sure what it was going on at the time. it was not okay for me to continue to use it but i had no other choice. i dont think so but im not really sure what it was but my doctor kept me on the meds. it gave me hot flashes really bad

  7. Novaldex is nonsteroidal antiestrogen used to treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body to treat breast cancer in certain patients after surgery and radiation therapy and to reduce the chances of breast cancer in high risk patients.
    The usual dose is 20 mg of novaldex each day. this is two 10 mg novaldex tablets taken together or one 20 mg novaldex -D tablet taken once a day. some people need to take 40 mg once a day.

  8. After using Novaldex for three months, I must say that the medicine didn’t help me at all. Tried different doses, but to no good.

  9. I used Tamoxifen to treat my breast cancer symptoms. I did develop some side effects including hot flashes and abdominal cramps. I also had unusual tiredness.

  10. After taking Nolvadex in hopes of avoiding a family history of breast cancer, the results have been good. I can say I am cancer free at age 50, when most women in my family developed the disease in their early 40’s.

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